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Master Tutor

​Keep 100% of your student fees

- your home or online

- your own tutoring & EdTech business

Everything you need for a professional tutoring business

Want to grow a tutoring business with exceptional support and keep 100% of your own student fees?

MyIT Master tutor is an all-in-one business support solution to upgrade your brand & income so you can focus on your expertise - your students.

Your MyIT
Advanced Tutors

If you want to add MyIT Advanced Tutors* to your Professional or Enterprise level business just ask us for a MyIT Advanced Tutor in the subject you are looking for, and for a small monthly fee, we will provide them for you.

*Quality assured by Train The Teacher to support MyIT Master Tutors in the range and price of subjects offered.

Branding & promotion

  • A personal state-of-the-art webpage to sell your skills and courses

  • MyIT Marketing and Promotion networks - for Professional and Enterprise Licenses

  • Licensed use of MyIT Brand and Logos

  • Licensed use of MyIT Brand Certificate

  • Licensed use of MyIT Marketing templates

Sharpen your tech edge

  • State-of-the-art EdTech options
  • Continually updated AI resources
  • MyIT curated websites & resources 

  • Clear professional advice on pedagogy

  • A flexible MyIT guide on how to tutor in a world of EdTech
  • Compendium of techniques for teaching

Grow your business

  • Increase your hourly rates
  • Add income through MyIT Advanced Tutors

  • Use your own-marketing-sourced - students at no fee

  • Use MyIT sourced students at modest monthly fee

  • Use our template Tutor Agreements

  • Read on managing MyIT Tutors

  • Receive Teacher Training support units on request

Scheduling & Booking

For Professional and Enterprise Licenses
  • Scheduling apps for tutors, parents, and students

  • Invoicing Tools

  • Template customer contracts

Student & Parent Support

  • Continually updated and curated educational resources: for Professional and Enterprise Licenses

  • Template reports on each lesson

  • Comprehensive student needs report available as paid service

Tutor and Student
Hong Kong Tutor ADAM.png

Having worked with MyIT over the past five years, they have helped me to gain and maintain a higher level of professionalism and success.

They have guided me in my tutoring work and my writing, helped to inspire and improve areas of my teaching, and they have always been on hand for advice.

MyIT put in a fair amount more effort than the competitors I’m aware of in terms of continuous research, sharing and using their findings to train tutors to do the best they can with their students.

Under MyIT, I have always felt confident, after attending seminars or meeting with Frank, that their material, suggestions and advice can actually be implemented to benefit students.

They command a high level of quality from those they employ without making life needlessly stressful, and MyIT are one of the few companies I recommend to others.

Adam H.

Hong Kong Tutor denise (1).png

I have had the pleasure of working with Train the Teacher twice in my career. Initially as a teacher student in the TESOL programme and thereafter a number of years later as an e-learning consultant during the development of their GESE online programme. Both experiences have made a positive impact on my life and career.


The TTT team are extremely professional while still being supportive of their teacher students, fellow teachers and consultants. Frank in particular has inspired me to go beyond my expectations and push my personal boundaries to achieve more in my career. I would not be where I am today in my career had it not been for Frank and TTT. I am forever grateful to have had their support all these years.

Denise Q.

My time as a tutor with MyIT has been a fun, creative and rewarding experience.


I feel warmly welcomed within a group of compassionate and passionate community of educators. Along with a great community of tutors, MyIT provides innovative support and offers insightful guidance to fine-tune teaching skills.


With MyIT, not only have I had the opportunity to be an effective tutor, but also create long-lasting student-teacher connections.

Eric N.

$68 US per month

$78 US per month

$88 US per month

MyIT Global Homepage Globe Image.jpg

Global Network

MyIT Master Tutor is a global network of tutors operating throughout the world. 

Contact us to become a significant part of this exceptional network of MyIT Master Tutors

Your License Choices

MyIT and Train The Teacher

The MyIT Brand is owned and run by Train The Teacher Ltd. (2008)

TTT Logo no BG.png

Train The Teacher & MyIT

Train The Teacher (2008) is an independent organisation delivering teacher training, online teaching and at home tutorials internationally.  MyIT, as part of Train The Teacher, takes the hard work out of the search for a great tutor by providing highest quality tutors at home or online.

Train The Teacher Company Profile 2023.jpg

Our teaching is embedded in how we think about the culture of learning


Tutor Quality Assurance

All MyIT tutors are quality assured by Train The Teacher so you can be sure of their quality. Each tutor is interviewed by a qualified teacher trainer, and their resume and teaching skills and referees are all checked before they are awarded a Qualified Tutor Certificate. 

Advanced Tutors

About MyIT

The International Leader in Tutoring services

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